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Protect Luggage & Deter Thieves

Please note this service is only available from our Barcelona Sants Rail location

Security and safety are two important factors in international travel these days, and that is why so many people choose to protect their baggage with our tough, tamperproof, bag wrap.

We wrap your luggage in durable, recyclable plastic, which takes moments for our staff to apply. No heat is used so any item of baggage can be wrapped. This additional layer of security deters opportunistic thieves, ensures that nobody can access your belongings without your knowledge and minimizes the chance of damage to your luggage whilst it’s in transit.

Seal & Secure your belongings with our protective Film

  • Commercial strength plastic film
  • Proven theft deterrent
  • Tamper resistant/ evident
  • Where tampering does occur is immediately visible
  • Stretches to protect any size or surface of luggage
  • Protect your Luggage
  • Ensure peace of mind

We have 2 bag wrap prices designed to give you choice and additional peace of mind:

Ultra Wrap comes with onward journey baggage liability protection included.

Onward Journey Liability Protections gives you additional peace of mind by protecting the wrapped item against loss or damage on your immediate planned journey.

Our Ultra Wrap includes €2000 worth of onward journey baggage liability protection.

We understand peace of mind is important when travelling and these options provide your baggage with an added level of protection.

We also offer Basic Wrap which does not include any onward journey liability protection for €18.

From just €18 per item, give yourself the additional peace of mind that bag wrap protection offers your bags and belongings.

As well as standard luggage, our bag wrapping service is also ideal for protecting bicycles, pushchairs, and sports equipment.

Available from Barcelona Sants Rail only.

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